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Welcome to SlideGen, a slide generation program that takes the effort and frustration out of managing your song lyrics - by making it easy to manage your Song Service presentations.  SlideGen can be used as a standalone presentation system, or you can create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations..  You can import song files created and distributed by publishers, and SlideGen will also help you manage your copyright license reporting requirements.  And you can download and attach audio tracks to songs, allowing you to play musical recorded accompaniment when presenting a song, for those times when live musicians are not available.

You may press F1 on the keyboard from anywhere within SlideGen and you will be taken to a help page that is appropriate for where you are at the time.  If you press F1 while on the main screen, you will be taken to this page. 

If you are reading this documentation after having installed the software, then you will find a Contents tab to the left of this area.  You may freely navigate through this area to your topic of choice, or alternatively you may search for a topic by using the Index or Search tabs.

If you are upgrading from version 1 of SlideGen, please read the page on What's New in Version 2.

If you are reading this online, please navigate using the Table of Contents outline given below.


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