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Managing Audio Collections

SlideGen introduces the ability to associate one or more audio tracks with a song in the Song Catalogue.  These audio tracks can be played back on an ad-hoc basis within the main window of SlideGen, or may be played as part of a presentation.  This allows churches and other communities to play musical accompaniment for congregational singing, when live musicians are not available.  When played from within SlideGen as part of a SlideGen Viewer Presentation, SlideGen will even advance the slides for you automatically!  (some limitations apply)

When you run SlideGen for the first time, if you choose to install one of the available External Folders, you will then be given the opportunity to install a sample collection of 3 public domain hymns.  These same sample hymns can also be downloaded later from the Audio Collections tab in the main window

Audio Collections Tab

On the main window, the third tab is titled "Audio Collections".

On this tab is listed all of the audio collections currently available.  A collection of Free Samples is listed first. 

To view the list of tracks included in each audio collection, click on the View Track List button.

The free samples can be immediately downloaded and used - to do this, click on the Download All Tracks button (this may have already been done for you at installation time). 

Other collections will need to purchased first from the SlideGen website - click on the Purchase Collection button to facilitate this.  After you have purchased the collection you will receive a serial number by email.  When you have received this, click on the Register License button to enter this serial number and make the collection(s) purchased available for use.

Setting the Default Track for a Song

Each song in the Song Catalogue can have many tracks associated with it.  However, only one of these tracks can be marked as the "default" at any one time.  It is the default track that is used when building a presentation for use in the SlideGen Viewer, and when performing a Quick Show.  To change the default track, you have three options:

Custom Tracks

You can import your own audio tracks to use for any song.  To do this, first go to the song in the Song Catalogue, then View the Track List for that Song, then click the "Import Custom Track" button. 

After you have imported one or more custom tracks, an additional Audio Collection will show on the above tab, called "Imported Songs".  This will allow you to view a list of all of the custom tracks that you have imported, set them as default (as per above), or delete them, etc.

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