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SlideGen Presentation Options

The look of a SlideGen Presentation is defined by its Presentation Options.  These options are used by the SlideGen Viewer to determine how to display the slides in a SlideGen Presentation. 

Presentation Options are also known as Layout Options.  They can be edited from the following locations:

A sample of the Presentation Options dialog is shown below:

Description of dialog options:

The Quick Show feature and the Build Slides dialog allows you to optionally create a "Title Slide" at the beginning of each song (showing the song title, folder information and copyright details). The layout of the title slide is determined as follows - the Song Title appears further down the screen when compared to a standard slide, but using the same font as that defined above in the Presentation Options.  The folder name and number is based on the Slide Text font, but is displayed at two thirds of the size.  The remainder of the text (author and copyright information) is also based on the Slide Text font, but is displayed at half of the font size.

Click OK to save the changes, click Cancel to throw away any changes.


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