SlideGen - Software Overview (part 1)

SlideGen® is a slide generation program that takes the effort and frustration out of managing your song lyrics - by making it easy to create your Song Service presentations.

SlideGen® will create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, or you can create and use a presentation from within SlideGen® itself, or show the presentation using the SlideGen® Viewer software.  It is able to import song files created specifically for SlideGen® and distributed by publishers, and it will also help you manage your copyright license reporting requirements.

SlideGen® is designed to be very easy to use

All songs are shown in an easy-to-use folder format - click on the image at left for a close-up view

In the Song Catalogue you can:

See a full listing of videos

Songs are easy to enter into the system

Songs are contained within folders.  If the folder represents all the songs in a particular song book, the song number can be recorded against the song for easy searching.

The author and copyright information for the words (lyrics) and music can be recorded for each song

Finally, the lyrics themselves are entered in sections - a section can be a verse, a refrain, or some other specialised type of section (e.g. bridge)

Watch Video # 6 for a demonstration (see list of videos


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