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Printing a Copyright Report

Part of Managing your Activity for Copyright Purposes will often be to report what songs you have used during a certain period to your copyright license provider (e.g. CCLI).   To assist you in this process, from the main window select Go | Copyright Report.  You will be presented with the following dialog.


From here you can select what songs you want to include in the report, and how to count those songs.  When you create and save a presentation you select whether to report usage of the songs contained in that presentation for copyright purposes - under the categories of "Projection", "Print" and "Recording".  This forms the basis of what songs will be included in the Copyright Report.  (Note: for specific information related to CCLI, see our page on CCLI Reporting.)

Set the criteria for running the report as follows:

If you are generating the report for the purpose of reporting your copyright activity to a copyright license provider, then please check with your license provider on the reporting rules that they require you to use.  The criteria you select above must match these rules.  If reporting to CCLI, see CCLI Reporting for more details.

Once you have set your desired criteria for running the report, select OK.  The report will then be generated.  Once generation is complete, you will see a report like the following:

If your license provider accepts a printed report for reporting copyright activity, then you may be able to simply print this report and send it to them.  Please check if your license provider requires the report in any particular format.  If you want to modify the report layout, please see the section on Modifying Report Layouts for further details.

If your license provider only accepts activity reporting via a website interface, then print this report and use it as a reference when entering your activity.

Saving to a Microsoft Excel file

To assist you entering your activity online (by allowing "copy and paste" from the report), the report can be generated as a Microsoft Excel file by carrying out the following steps:



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