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Using Quick Show for a selected song

If all that you want to do is generate and show all of the slides for one song, and you want to do it as quickly as possible (e.g. on demand during a song service) then you can use the Quick Show feature. 

To use Quick Show, first select the song that you want to show in the Song Catalogue list on the main window.  You do not need to add it to a presentation - simply select it in the Song Catalogue.  Then select the menu item Go | Quick Show for selected song from the main menu, or select the Quick Show button in the toolbar (second button from the right) or press F8 on the keyboard.

The slides for the song will be automatically generated, and then the SlideGen Viewer will be launched.  Depending on the setting of the checkbox "Automatically show presentation when SlideGen Viewer starts" the main SlideGen Viewer window may be overlaid with the presentation itself.  See the help on using the SlideGen Viewer for more details.  Also, if you have previously selected the checkbox "Automatically start playing audio when viewing a slide" and the selected song contains an audio track associated with it, then the audio will automatically begin playing.  Having both of these checkboxes ticked creates the quickest and most seamless experience when using the Quick Show feature.

When you are finished presenting the song, close the SlideGen Viewer window and you will be returned to the main window.

The SlideGen Presentation Options that are used during a quick show are set in the Setup Options dialog.   This includes settings related to whether Quick Show usage is recorded for copyright reporting purposes. 


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