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Audio Tracks for Song

When viewing a song on the main window, you have the opportunity to view the list of audio tracks available for that song.  You can do this by going to the menu option "File | View Track List for Song", or pressing F5 on the keyboard, or clicking on the "View Track List" link within the audio controls for that song.  Once accessed via any of these means, you will see the following dialog:

On this dialog, you can view all of the tracks available for this song. 

The "Download?" status column ("Yes" if already downloaded, "No" if not yet downloaded) is shown for each track. 

If this track is the default track for this song, then "Yes" is shown in the "Is Default?" column, otherwise "No" is shown.  You can change which track is the default by simply clicking on the track and then click the "Set As Default" button.  The track that is set as default track is the one that will play for this song from the main window, and when using SlideGen Viewer.

The following buttons are available, and act as follows:

Audio Controls

You can play any track that has been downloaded by using the audio controls in the top right corner of the dialog.  Click the green PLAY button to begin playing the current track.  Once the current track has finished playing, the next track will begin playing automatically, after a brief pause.

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