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Main Window

This is the main window for the SlideGen application.  See below for a sample screenshot.  Most actions are launched from this screen.

On the left-hand side of the screen is the Song Catalogue.  This catalogue is organised into folders, each folder containing one or more songs.  Songs may be created manually or may be imported into the catalogue from an XML File, or via the External Folders tab.

Along the top of the screen to the right of the Song Catalogue is the contents of the current presentation.  On the top-middle is the complete list of songs in the presentation, and on the top-right is the list of sections for the currently selected song in the presentation.  Below this on the bottom-right of the screen is the details of the currently selected song - this may be the select song in the presentation, or the selected song in the Song Catalogue - whichever was selected last.  If a folder node is selected, this will instead show general information about the folder itself.  Two other tabs for External Folders and Audio Collections are also available.

The buttons between the Song Catalogue and the "Content of Presentation" list are used to add and remove songs to the presentation (first two buttons, right arrow and delete X) and re-order songs in the presentation (last two buttons, up and down arrow).  The buttons to the far right are used to add and remove sections (first two buttons) from the currently selected song in the presentation, and to reorder sections (last two buttons).



The actions that can be performed on this screen are:

Audio Controls

When viewing a song, and the "Current Song in Detail" tab is showing, a group of audio controls is shown in the top-right corner of the tab.  By default it looks like this:

When you move your mouse over any of these controls, further controls pop-up underneath, as follows:

Use the green PLAY button to start listening to the default audio track for this song.  You can use the blue PAUSE or red STOP buttons to stop playing the audio, and the blue RESTART button to return to the start of the song. 

Use the green Slider control to move to a different position within the audio track.

To play this audio file in your default media player (e.g. Windows Media Player), click on the Open in default media player link.

To view the full Track List for this song, click on the View Track List link.  You can also view the track list via the menu item "File | View Track List for Song" or by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

To import a custom track for this song, click on the Import File link.  You can also import a custom track via the menu item "File | Import Audio Track for Song".

Menu Items

The following menu items are available from the main window:

The "File" Menu

The "Edit" Menu

The "View" Menu

The "Go" Menu

The "Setup" Menu

The "Help" Menu

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