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Export Folder to an XML File

All songs in a folder may be exported to an XML File.  An XML File is simply a text file that contains one or more songs in a standard layout.  This XML File can be moved to another computer, and then imported into the song catalogue on that computer.  Thus the Export / Import feature can be used to transfer songs from one computer to another.

To export a folder to an XML File, first click on the folder to be exported in the Song Catalogue within the main window.  Then select File | Export Folder from the main menu, or right-click on the folder and select Export FolderYou will then be presented with a standard Windows "File Save" dialog.  Browse to the location that you wish to export the XML File, enter a name for the XML File, and then click Save.

Note:  XML Files created with SlideGen version 2.0 or higher cannot be imported in earlier versions of SlideGen.  However, XML files created by earlier versions of SlideGen can be imported by any version.

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