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Managing External Folders

SlideGen contains the ability to Import an XML File containing a collection of songs.  During import, these songs are placed into a new folder in the Song Catalogue, as specified in that particular XML File. 

The External Folders tab on the main window contains a list of XML Files that SlideGen officially publishes or makes available to SlideGen users. Click on the External Folders tab to view this list:

SlideGen makes it easy to import these official collections of songs, by providing an "Install" button for each collection (this button will say "Download" if the file has not yet been downloaded).  At the time of writing, this list contains three External Folders available for download and import.  Additional folders will become available in this list as and when they are released (SlideGen will automatically check if there are any new folders available, each time it starts up).

Once you have installed any of the above folders, you can then go to the Audio Collections tab and download audio tracks that match the public domain lyrics contained in the above folders.  It is recommended that you install at least one of the above folders before downloading any audio tracks.

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