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Setup Options Dialog

The Setup Options dialog is accessed by select Setup | Options from the main menu in the main window.  There are two main areas to set up in this dialog.

Quick Show Options

In order for a Quick Show presentation to be created, SlideGen must know what Layout Options to use.  These options control the look and feel of the slides within the presentation. 

Select the Layout Options to use from the drop down list.  To create a new set of Layout Options, select the entry in the list that says "Select this item to create new Layout Options".  You will then get a dialog which allows you to create new Layout Options.   Upon clicking OK on this dialog, the new Layout Options will be selected in the Setup Options dialog.  To edit the selected Layout Options, select the Edit Options button to the right of the drop-down list.  See the help on SlideGen Presentation Options for more detail on specifying Layout Options.

You can also specify how copyright recording is handled for Quick Show presentations.  Under "Record Usage for Copyright?" dropdown select the desired behaviour.  The default is to prompt the user every time a Quick Show is performed.  The other options allow usage to always be recorded without prompting, or never recorded. 

Copyright usage is recorded automatically by saving a new presentation.  The presentation will be named as "Quick Show on ... for ..." with the date and song title.  Once saved, these quick show presentations will be included in copyright reports along with other presentations.

By default, Quick Show presentations are saved with "Projection" use noted, but other uses unchecked.  If you want to also report Quick Show presentations under the "Record" category, check the box "Include 'Record' report in saved usage".  If you never want to save usage for public domain songs (the default) check the box "Never save usage for public domain songs".  If you have this checkbox ticked, and the song being shown is a public domain song, then usage will never be recorded and no prompt will be given - event if "Prompt - ask me every time" is selected.

Copyright Settings

If you are using a third-party license provider, you should set the appropriate wording in the License Information field, and if applicable select the first day of the reporting year.  For more information see the section on Setting License Details for Copyright Management.




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