Baslogue System Requirements

This product will install on Microsoft Windows operating systems only, including the following versions:

It will not install on earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.  Specifically, it will not install on Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me.

This product has been tested on the following platforms.  It will most likely work on the other installation platforms mentioned above - but no assertion is given as to the usability of the software.

No specific hardware requirements are given over and above that specified by Windows, but during our testing the requirements have been found to be minimal.  The amount of system memory (RAM) that you will need will depend on how many items you will be storing in your catalogue.  We recommend that you confirm that your computer is suitable by initially purchasing a 1-month subscription.  If you are interested in the Database Edition, we recommend that you Test the Database Edition before purchase by following the instructions given.

You will need a printer attached to your computer to print the Barcode Cheat Sheet and Labels (if you are using a barcode scanner), and to print the Person ID Cards if desired.

Please refer to the online documentation page on Setting up a Barcode Scanner to confirm the suitability of your barcode scanner.


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