You may want to issue your people with person cards.  This is especially useful if you are using a barcode scanner, because the card can have a barcode on it, saving time when that person comes to borrow an item.

To do this you need to go to the People Tab on the main screen.  Once there, you then need to select the person for whom you want to print person cards.  You need only select only one person.  But if you want to print cards for more than one person, there are three ways to make your selection:

Once you have the people selected, then click on the Print Person Cards button at the bottom of the People Tab.  You will see a preview screen that looks something like this:

Select Print to print the person cards.  You will need special stationery to print the card - you can buy credit card sized glossy paper that will do the job.  If you need to adjust the layout of the card to fit your stationery, see Modifying Report Layouts for further details.


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