Baslogue - Software Overview (part 1)

Baslogue® (pronounced as "base log") - Item Tracking software that has a wide variety of uses, and is simple and easy to use

In the Standalone Edition, data is stored in simple files, allowing for easy backup, and meaning that no third-party database software is required.  This allows for easy installation on a very modest PC.  The Standalone Edition is a single-user edition.

In the Database Edition, data is stored in a central database, allowing Baslogue® to be installed on many computers, all having access to the same data.  Many users can use the Database Edition at the same time.

Baslogue® is designed to be very easy to use

All catalogue items are shown in an easy-to-use listing format - click on the image to the right for a close-up view

The catalogue data:

  • Can be sorted by any column
  • Can be grouped by any column
  • Can search for a value in any column
  • Columns can be re-arranged by the user to suit individual preference simply by dragging the columns to the desired location
  • Can be exported to Microsoft® Excel.

Watch Video # 3 for a demonstration (see list of videos)

Catalogue Items are easy to enter into the system

The Catalogue Item dialog is shown to the left - click on the image for a larger view

As you can see, there are a number of useful fields available.  it is entirely up to you what you enter into each of these fields.  Most fields can be customised.

Watch Video # 5 for a demonstration (see list of videos)

If you are using Baslogue to manage a library, you can also use ISBN Lookup to easily enter books into the catalogue.

Watch Video # 8 for a demonstration (see list of videos)

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