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>>> Purchase a Subscription for the Standalone Edition <<<
Use the Standalone Edition if you only need to access Baslogue® from one computer


>>> Purchase a Subscription for the Database Edition <<<
Use the Database Edition if you need to access Baslogue® from more than one computer


Choose The Right Edition For You

Baslogue® is available in two separate editions - the Standalone Edition and the Database Edition.  Click on the following link to read about the two editions, so that you can decide which edition you need to use

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Note: Baslogue® is a Windows-only software product - see System Requirements for further details.

Try the software by purchasing a 1 month subscription

Baslogue® is sold on a subscription basis.  We recommend you initially purchase a 1 month subscription.  This allows you to evaluate the software for minimal cost, before committing to a longer subscription period.  You will be able to use ALL of the features of Baslogue® during any of the subscription periods.1

If you wish to test database and network connectivity before purchasing a license for the Database Edition, please refer to this page for further information.




1 Petrie Software Australia Pty Ltd has a no-refund policy for subscription purchases. The purpose of offering a 1 month subscription is for you to evaluate the software before purchasing longer subscriptions. We provide guidance on Hardware and Operating System requirements on our download page, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the software works according to your requirements before you purchase any further subscriptions. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the software will work according to your hardware and software requirements during this 1 month period. It is your responsibility to assess the software during the initial subscription period, before purchasing further subsciptions.


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