Integrated into Baslogue is the ability to handle barcodes on catalogue items.  Part of this handling involves the physical printing of barcodes to be placed onto the catalogue items.  However, you do not have to create your own barcodes - if your catalogue items already have barcodes on them, you can use these - assuming your barcode reader recognises them.

If, however, you want to create your own barcodes to place on items, then there is a menu option on the main menu to help you do just that -- "Reports | Barcode Labels".  Selecting this menu option will take you to the following dialog:

This allows you to create a range of barcode labels.  Typing in the values shown in the dialog above will yield the values preview:

You may then print this on to special label paper that you can buy for standard printers.

To amend the layout of the labels to take into account such things as paper size, paper type, how many labels per pages, information on the label, etc..., please refer to the section on Modifying Report Layouts.  The example above uses a report layout that prints 16 labels per A4 sheet, in two columns of 8 labels.

Once you have put the barcodes labels on to all of your catalogue items, then you can scan in the barcode as part of entering new catalogue items into the system.  See the Catalogue Item Dialog to learn more.

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