Baslogue - Software Overview (part 3)

Baslogue® has built-in Barcode Support
(please note: use of a barcode scanner is optional)

  • Supports barcode scanners which operate as a "keyboard wedge" device.
    To confirm compatibility, please refer to the online help section for Setting up the barcode scanner.
  • Each catalogue item has a field, called Barcode ID, where the text representation of the barcode is stored
  • You can print barcode labels for catalogue items (see example to the right above)
  • You can also print ID Cards for each person, containing a barcode (see example to the right)
  • The entire check-out and check-in process can be performed using the barcode scanner only.  This allows for quick processing, using no mouse or keyboard.
    See this example Cheat Sheet for details

Watch Video # 1 for a demonstration using a barcode scanner
Watch Video # 2 for a demonstration without using a scanner

See full list of videos


Catalogue Item Label

Person's ID Card


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