Baslogue - Standalone Edition

This edition is for use on a single computer.  It is low-priced and easy to install.  You have all of the functionality of the Database Edition - the only difference between this edition and the Database Edition is that only one user can use the program at a time, and only on the same computer (there are some differences between editions in how security is managed).

Data Transfer

Should you decide to upgrade to the Database Edition at a later stage your data can be easily transferred from one edition to the other.  See the online help page on Transferring Data Between Editions for further information.

Installation Prerequisites

The are no prerequisites for installing the Standalone Edition - i.e. it should install on a clean installation of Windows.  The installation is self-contained, and includes everything you need to run the program.  No database software is required, as all data is stored in plain-text XML files and other plain-text files.  For the system requirements of the version of Windows being used, refer to System Requirements.

How To Install

After purchasing a subscription (see below) simply download the Baslogue® Standalone Setup program to your computer and then run the setup.  Follow the prompts, and you will be up and running within a few minutes.

How To Purchase A Subscription

Baslogue® is sold on a subscription basis, and includes a 1 month subscription option.  This allows you to evaluate the software for minimal cost, before committing to longer subscription periods.  You will be able to use ALL of the features of Baslogue® during any of the subscription periods.  Purchase a subscription from the Subscription Purchase page.

Product Support

We provide product support via Email for Standalone Editions users.  Minor updates to the product will be made available for download on our Download Page.


$9 per month
or $99 per year (AUD)

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