Baslogue - Database Edition

Use this edition when you need access to your data from more than one computer.  Your data is stored in your choice of database - Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.  You have all of the functionality of the Standalone Edition, plus the ability to define security access restrictions by user. 

Data Transfer

If you are upgrading from the Standalone Edition your data can be easily transferred to the Database Edition.  See the online help page on Transferring Data Between Editions for further information.

Installation Prerequisites

Baslogue® Database Edition stores its data in a central database.  You can use either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL as your database.  See the online help page on Choosing Your Database Platform for more guidance on choosing which database platform to use.

You must install the database software and create a new empty database before installing the Baslogue® Server component.  For more information refer to the detailed overview of How to Install the Database Edition.

For the versions of Windows that are supported, please refer to the System Requirements page.

Note: for the management of user security, it is highly desirable that you install the Database Edition into a network that is set up as a Windows Domain - i.e. not operating in Windows Workgroup mode.  Baslogue® uses Windows Authentication to validate users when they launch the software.

How To Install

Installing the Database Edition involves a number of steps - which are dependant on what database software you decide to use, and where you decide to store your database.  Please refer to the page on How to Install the Database Edition for detailed instructions and assistance.

Installation Assistance

If you are located in Australia and you would prefer to pay us to come and install the software for you, please send us an email at the "info" address given on our Contact Page and ask for an Installation Quote.  We are based in Sydney, so installations for Sydney-based businesses will be cheapest.  Other locations will include travel and accommodation expenses, as necessary.

How To Purchase A License

Baslogue® is sold on a subscription basis, and includes a 1 month subscription option.  This allows you to evaluate the software for minimal cost, before committing to longer subscription periods.  You will be able to use ALL of the features of Baslogue® during any of the subscription periods.  Purchase a subscription from the Subscription Purchase page.

You can also follow the instructions for Testing the Database Edition Before Purchase.  This is to ensure that you have the right hardware and software to support the Database Edition.

Product Support

We provide product support via Email.  This includes email support for any installation issues that you may have which relate specifically to the installation of Baslogue®.  However, if your installation problem does not specifically apply to installing Baslogue® (e.g. if you have problems installing your database software) we may direct you to find help elsewhere.

Minor updates to the product will be made available for download on our Download Page.



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