Baslogue - Software Overview (part 6)

Baslogue® has advanced Report Layout settings

If you need to tweak your Report Layout settings further, there is an "Advanced Settings" tab - click on the image at left for a close-up view.

This allows you to easily adjust such things as margins - useful if the barcode labels or ID cards that you are printing do not quite line up with the stationery that you have purchased.

If what you want to achieve cannot be done by modifying the Basic or Advanced settings, then you have the ultimate choice of selecting the "Advanced Designer" button.  This allows you to customise all aspects of a Report Layout - but is recommended only for Advanced Users.  See below for further details.



Baslogue® has a Report Layout Advanced Designer

  • This allows the user to modify report layouts for three reports types:

    • Barcode Labels (for catalogue items)
    • Person ID Cards
    • Person Listing
  • Being able to modify the layout means, for example, you could put your own logo on your ID Cards.





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