The Catalogue tab is where all of the catalogue's items can be found.  It consists of:
The button bar at the bottom changes depending on which role is currently active (Standalone Edition only) - see Changing Roles for further details on roles.  When running the Database Edition, the features available is dependant on the settings in User Security.

Here is an example of the Catalogue tab when running under the Super User role:

NOTE:  The columns (fields) available for a catalogue item can be customised using the Display Options dialog.  Therefore, the fields that you see below may be different to what appears for you.  Please refer to the Display Options dialog for further information.

Searching, Grouping and Sorting

For details on how to use the grid itself, including how to sort by different columns, group by column values, and filter visible rows by values, refer to the section on Searching for a Catalogue Item.


Available Buttons

Not all buttons are available for all roles.  The buttons available for each role are described below.  Some headings are clickable for further information about that button.

Catalogue Browser role (Standalone Edition),
or when "Allow Editing of Catalogue Items" is NOT selected in User Security (Database Edition)


Check In / Check Out role (Standalone Edition), or when "Only allow Check-in and Check-out for Catalogue Items" is selected in User Security (Database Edition)


Super User role, or when "Allow Editing of Catalogue Items" is selected in User Security (Database Edition)


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