a basic catalogue system
for tracking your items


Welcome to Baslogue (pronounced as "base log"), a basic catalogue system helping you manage your items.  It is designed to be easy to install and simple to run.

This documentation applies specifically to the use of the Baslogue Administration Wizard.  This wizard is only used in the multi-user enabled "Database" version of Baslogue.  It is installed with the "Server" component of Baslogue.  Using this wizard is essential in setting up Baslogue for first-use, including initialising your database and entering your license information.

You may press F1 on the keyboard from anywhere within the Baslogue Administration Wizard and you will be taken to a help page that is appropriate for where you are at the time.  If you press F1 while on the main screen, you will be taken to this page. 

If you are reading this documentation after having installed the software, then you will find a Contents tab to the left of this area.  You may freely navigate through this area to your topic of choice, or alternatively you may search for a topic by using the Index or Search tabs.

If you are reading this online, please navigate using the Table of Contents outline given below.


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