The Baslogue Application Server (BaslogueServer.exe) runs as a Windows Service.  The Configure Service screen provides an easy way to install and configure the service.  Three actions are performed by this screen:

Should I use the Local System account, or a nominated user account?

The answer to this question lies in what type of database you are using, and where that database is located.

If you are using a Microsoft SQL Server database it depends on where the database is located:
If you are using a MySQL database it should be fine to always run using the Local System account regardless of where the database is located.  This is because database access is established by using a nominated MySQL username and password instead of using Windows Authentication.

What Port Number should I use?

The default port is 9000.  If you have no other programs listening or communicating on this port then the default should be fine.  If you have a need to use a different port then you can nominate any port you wish - it must be an unused port, of course.

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