After you have installed the Server component of Baslogue you will be prompted to run the Baslogue Administration Wizard.  This wizard assists you in setting up Baslogue for use, including create tables to hold data, entering license information and setting up the Server component to run as a Windows Service.

The first time you run wizard you will see the following screen:

If you have not already installed your database software, you should do this first.  See the section on choosing your database platform for further details.  Otherwise click "Next >" to continue.

You will now be asked to enter you database connection details. Then
click "Next >" to continue.

Next you will need to run the database script to create the tables needed to hold the Baslogue data.  Once you have done this, click
"Next >" to continue.

Finally, you will be asked to configure the Baslogue Server to run as a Windows Service.  Provide your settings then
click "Next >" to continue. 

You will be now be at the main screen of the Baslogue wizard.  From here you can re-run any of the pages above, or run other functions like Data Import and Data Export.

You should also at this time set up a regular backup plan using the tools that came with your database software.

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