Installation Guide (Supplement): Opening a Port in Windows Firewall

In order for a Client computer to connection to the Baslogue Server, you may need to open up a port in your firewall software on the Server computer.  These instructions apply to Windows Firewall.  If you have other firewall software running, modify these instructions appropriately.

Check if you have Windows Firewall running on the server.  Go into "Control Panel | Windows Firewall".  If it is on, you will need to open up Port Number 9000 to allow incoming connections from clients.  Do this by going to the Exceptions tab, click Add Port and enter the details as below:


If you are on a simple local network, restrict the scope of who can connect to the server by clicking on "Change scope" and selecting the following option.  For more complex networks, consult your network administrator.


Click OK on the above, and on the Add Port screen, and finally on the Windows Firewall dialog.  Try connecting from the client computer again.


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