SlideGen - Software Overview (part 3)

SlideGen® also has its own Presentation format

SlideGen® can build a presentation using its own format.

Using this format means that you do not need Microsoft PowerPoint (or any other third-party presentation software).  This allows for a low-cost solution using a Netbook or Tablet PC (but still running a full version of Windows).

The format of the presentation is governed by Layout Options that are selected during the build process.

Watch Video # 3 for a demonstration (see list of videos)

Presentation can be shown using SlideGen® Viewer

The SlideGen® Viewer has built-in capability for handling multi-monitor layouts (e.g. a laptop where the projector is one "monitor" and the laptop screen is another monitor).  Using more than one monitor allows the presentation to be controlled using the Viewer window (click on image to the left).

In single-monitor mode, standard keyboard shortcuts are available for controlling the presentation - see here.

Watch Video # 3 for a demonstration (see list of videos)



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