SlideGen - Software Overview (part 2)

SlideGen® works with Microsoft PowerPoint

SlideGen® can be used to build a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  Once created, you can take the PowerPoint file to another computer and show it using Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can show the presentation immediately, save to a file for later use, or even create a separate file for each song within the presentation.

Click on the image to the left to see the build dialog.

Watch Video # 2 for a demonstration (see list of videos)

The result is a standard Microsoft PowerPoint file

The layout of the PowerPoint presentation is governed by a Microsoft PowerPoint Template, which is specified during the build process.  You can create your own template, thereby providing custom layouts, fonts and colours.

Click on the image to the right to see a sample presentation.

Of course you can also customise the PowerPoint file however you like once it has been built.

You can also print a Slide Listing to assist the computer operator when showing the presentation.

Watch Video # 2 for a demonstration (see list of videos)



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