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Australian customers please note -- this price is G.S.T. exclusive. 10% G.S.T. will be added.

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MasterCard and Visa logosYour payment will be processed by our bank. You will receive two emails - one from the bank, and the other from us with your subscription details. For more info click here.

A subscription allows you to install and use this software on ONE computer.  If you plan to install this software on more than one computer you must buy a separate subscription for EACH computer that you will install this software on.

Baslogue® subscriptions include the option of a 1 month period.  This allows you to evaluate the software for a minimal cost, before committing to additional subscription periods.  You will be able to use ALL of the features of Baslogue® during any of the subscription periods.4

If you would like a free 7-day subscription to briefly evaluate using the software, please send us an email and tell us:
    a) who you are; and
    b) what you will use Baslogue for

You are purchasing a product from an Australian company.3  All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars, and your credit card will be charged in Australian Dollars.

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Choose The Right Edition For You

Baslogue® is available in two separate editions - the Standalone Edition and the Database Edition.  This page allows you to buy a subscription for the Standalone Edition, where different data is stored on each computer.  To purchase a subscription for the Database Edition where the same data can be accessed from many computers click here.


1 Currency conversion values shown here should be used as a guide only - the actual rate used is determined by your credit card company or bank at the time of purchase, who may also charge you an extra fee for currency conversion.
2 See our Privacy Policy for handling of personal customer details. Note that as you are purchasing a subscription, you automatically consent for us to send you a reminder email before and after the end of the subscription period.
3 Petrie Software Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company operating in the state of New South Wales. When you purchase from us, you are transacting within the jurisdiction of New South Wales.
4 Petrie Software Australia Pty Ltd has a no-refund policy for subscription purchases. The purpose of offering a 1 month subscription is for you to evaluate the software before purchasing longer subscriptions. We provide guidance on Hardware and Operating System requirements on our download page, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the software works according to your requirements before you purchase any further subscriptions. In addition, we cannot guarantee that the software will work according to your hardware and software requirements during this 1 month period. It is your responsibility to assess the software during the initial subscription period, before purchasing further subsciptions.


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