Musical Accompaniment for Congregational Singing

SlideGen now includes the ability to import and attach an audio file to any song stored within the Song Catalogue (in any format supported by your default media player - MP3, WMA, WAV etc). 

This audio file can be played back at any time from within the Song Catalogue on an ad-hoc basis.  Audio can also be included in a SlideGen Viewer Presentation, so that the track plays when the lyrics for that song appear on the presentation display (projector screen etc).  This includes "Quck Show" presentations that can be initiated directly from within the Song Catalogue.  (Microsoft PowerPoint is not supported for audio playback.)

The Piano Praise album, containing piano recordings for many well known public domain hymns, is now also available for use within SlideGen.  These recordings are available for purchase for an additional fee, from within the software itself.  Once a license to use the recordings is purchased, the recordings can be downloaded from within SlideGen - either one song at a time, or all tracks in one download.  To purchase the recordings, run the SlideGen software and go to the "Audio Collections" tab, where you will find a button called "Purchase Collection".

The lyrics for all hymns recorded are included in a special downloadable folder that accompanies the album - see the "External Folders" tab within the software.  Many of the hymns are also available in the "Collection of Public Domain Hymns" that is available for use when you first install SlideGen.  Alternatively, if you are using the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, many of the hymns recorded are available in this hymnal.

SlideGen, song service slides, simple to make!SlideGen will automatically advance each slide for recordings purchased from this website and used within a SlideGen Viewer Presentation, so that the the lyrics are kept in time with the audio track.  This is possible because the timings for each hymn are downloaded along with the audio file, so that SlideGen knows when to change the slide.  This means that human intervention is not required once a song has commenced playing - useful if the computer is being controlled by a worship leader instead of a dedicated Audio/Visual person.

CDs are also available for the Piano Praise album.  The CDs contain the same audio tracks as included above in the SlideGen Audio Colleciton.  If you want to use the tracks for congregational singing as part of SlideGen, you should purchase the collection from within SlideGen.  If you want to use the tracks for any other purpose (e.g. listening in the car) then purchase the CD version

SlideGen, song service slides, simple to make!