Easily Create Your Church's PowerPoint Presentations

SlideGen® can be used to complement Microsoft PowerPoint instead of replacing it.  Most other products replace PowerPoint and ask you to learn an entirely new way of displaying a presentation during your worship service.  Not so with SlideGen®

One of the end results of using SlideGen® is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  This means that your computer operators at church can do things how they have always done them - by receiving a PowerPoint presentation and showing it in the same way they are used to showing it - whether this is by using PowerPoint itself, or by using other software which reads PowerPoint files.  SlideGen® simply provides you with an easier way of creating the PowerPoint presentation.

Watch Video # 2 for a demonstration



SlideGen® Viewer can be used instead of Microsoft PowerPoint, if desired.  To learn more, see Using SlideGen Viewer.


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