Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal

The South Pacific Division (SPD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have produced and released a digital version of the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal.  This includes detailed information about the status of each hymn.  See the SPD website for further information:

The Hymnal is included within SlideGen

SlideGen, song service slides, simple to make!The SPD have allowed us to include the digital version of the Hymnal within SlideGen, for use by "Seventh-day Adventist churches and affiliated entities only" (including schools etc.).  When you install SlideGen you will be asked a series of questions.  Depending on your answers to these questions, you may be offered the opportunity to import the Hymnal (currently available only to churches and other entities within the SPD).  If you are located outside of the SPD, you will be given the option of importing a collection of public domain hymns instead.

You do not need to download anything from the SPD website to import the Hymnal.  Simply download and install SlideGen, follow the prompts, and the software will do the rest.

What is included within the Hymnal?

The digital version of the Hymnal varies by region - because the copyright status of each hymn varies from country to country (copyright laws are not the same in each country).  Your answers to the questions asked when you install SlideGen will ensure that you receive the correct edition for your region.

Regardless of region, the listing that you see within SlideGen will always contain the full list of all 695 hymns in the Hymnal.  The copyright status of each hymn is also shown.  However, the lyrics may not be available.  This depends on a number of factors:

Modifying and Updating the Hymnal

The Hymnal, once imported, is locked for editing within SlideGen.  This means that you cannot directly change its contents.  If there is a variation of a hymn that you wish to produce, you can copy a hymn to a different folder within SlideGen, and then make the changes there. 

When the SPD releases updated versions of the Hymnal from time to time, we will make it available for use within SlideGen.  When this happens, you will automatically receive a prompt after starting SlideGen, notifiying you that a new version is available.  We recommend always downloading any updated versions as soon as they become available.  Updates may include status changes as CCLI cover more hymns, or annually as more hymns fall into the public domain.  Any mistakes corrected will also be included in any updates.

If you wish to notify someone of a mistake (spelling etc) contained within the Hymnal, please use the "feedback" link that you will find within the SPD website mentioned above.

Further Explanations about Copyright in the Hymnal

The purchase of a printed edition of the Hymnal from a book shop (e.g. the Adventist Book Centre) does not confer on the purchaser the right to copy those words into another form - e.g. to project those words on to a presentation display.  It is for this reason that organisations such as CCLI exist (Christian Copyright Licensing International).  Churches may purchase a license from CCLI, which then provides legal coverage for that church to copy the words of hymns and other songs into other formats - e.g. MS PowerPoint or on a printed song sheet. 

CCLI covers most hymns and songs, but not all.  Those songs not covered by CCLI cannot be legally projected on to a screen without obtaining permission via another means (i.e. another licensing scheme or direct from the authors).

The SPD has worked closely with CCLI to establish the status of each hymn in the Hymnal.  This list is contained on the above website, and is updated from time to time as new information becomes available.  If you have a query about the status of any particular hymn, please use the "feedback" link within the above website.

The status of hymns (with respect to their lyrics) fall broadly into three categories:

SlideGen brings all of this information together in one convenient location, by making use of the Hymnal file produced by the SPD.  If you have entered your CCLI license details when installing the software, and selected to import the Hymnal, you can be confident that you can use the lyrics of any hymns where those lyrics are included.  The only condition to this is that you fulfil your reporting obligations to CCLI under the terms of your license for any hymns used where the lyrics are not in the public domain.  A CCLI license only covers your church for songs that you report to CCLI - if you do not report, you are not covered.  For assistance in making sure your church complies with copyright reporting and other requirements, see the Copyright Information Document available from the SPD website above.

SlideGen, song service slides, simple to make!


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