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Baslogue - basic catalogue and item tracking

An item tracking solution that is simple and easy to use!

"This product was exactly what I needed!  As a teacher librarian I spent 6 months volunteering at a school in Manvi, India.  My main aim was to change attitudes towards borrowing - before I arrived no one was allowed to borrow!  After putting all the books and students on Baslogue, lending was so quick and easy!  All the kids were keen to borrow; it took longer to convince the administration of the school why this was necessary!!!!!"
Dianna, Queensland, Australia
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Product Overview - a general tour of our product. Specific uses include:

Multiple Editions Available - choose from one of the following editions:

  • Baslogue (Standalone Edition) - For use on a single computer.  It is low-priced and easy to install.  Your data is store in XML data files.
  • Baslogue (Database Edition) - For when you need access to your data from more than one computer.  Your data is stored in your choice of database - Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Online Documentation - detailed help on using the product.  This is the same documentation that is installed with the software.

Product Support - directions on how to find answers to your problems.