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Who do you trust with your data?

As a business owner or company executive, you are responsible for your company's data, and any customer data that you collect.  Who do you trust to store this data?

There are circumstances where it may make the most sense to store or process your data in the cloud, under the care of a trusted third party.  But as a general rule, the best person to trust with your company's valuable data is you.

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Custom-made Windows Software

Most software today is delivered as a service, "in the cloud".  Some people, however, still like to be in control of their data, and store that data locally.  If this is you, then you need locally operated software, with local storage of data, under your physical control.

Our software is designed to be efficient and simple to install and run.
Our software runs on all supported versions of Windows.

Our software will also run on Windows XP if you are still using this version of Windows.  While we don't recommend connecting to the internet with Windows XP, you could still use our software on a Windows XP machine in an offline environment.

Our standard range of software products (see below) can also be tailored to suit your needs.

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We are based in the Thornleigh / Pennant Hills area in northern Sydney, Australia

Library Software

Baslogue is ideal for managing books and other items stored within a library.

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Song Software

SlideGen is used by churches and schools to create presentations for use in worship services.

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