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Custom Delphi Software

We build all of our custom software to run as "Native Win32" applications, allowing for efficient use of older computers with a small footprint. 

A multi-tier architecture allows for easy installation in a networked environment, with data-intensive business logic implemented at the Application Server or Database level, rather than at the PC Client level.  All communication between Client and Application Server is via TCP/IP or HTTP, and the native database client tools are used to communicate between the Application Server and the Database.  The Application Server is typically installed as a Windows Service, simplifying server management.

We develop using the Delphi XE development environment.  Many leading software products have been developed using Delphi.  All custom software that we develop is fully Unicode enabled and will install on any Windows operating system from Windows 2000 and higher.  Other versions of Delphi (both earlier and later) can also be used, if required.

We have experience developing against many database environments, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

If you already have in-house software that has been developed using any version of Delphi and you need someone to take over the development of this software, please contact us.  We are specialists in the development of software written in Delphi, and can help you manage your existing code base.


Please contact David Petrie to learn more.

We are located in Sydney, Australia.  If you are a Sydney-based business, we can arrange for an initial consultation at no-charge to discuss what we can do for you. 

We serve other areas within Australia, and globally.  If you are located elsewhere within Australia or globally, we still want to hear from you.  An initial consultation can easily be arranged over the phone.  Depending on the nature of the work and where you are located, we can arrange for a visit to your place of business.

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