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Date Logged
Description of Issue
Item Type
Item Status
Found in Version
Fixed in Version
250 30 Oct 2016 Add ability to purchase "Audio Kits" and have integrated downloading of audio tracks within SlideGen for available songs New Feature Closed
247 24 Oct 2016 Update help file for new features in 2.0.0 Modify Feature Closed
248 28 Oct 2016 Add ability to record usage of "Quick Show" songs for copyright reporting purposes New Feature Closed
245 23 Oct 2016 Add Usage History to song view, so user can see when the song has been used in the past New Feature Closed
243 18 Oct 2016 Add CCLI versions of standard Copyright Report layouts New Feature Closed
241 18 Oct 2016 Add a new "License Owner" and "License Type" fields under "Copyright" in Setup | Options New Feature Closed
240 18 Oct 2016 Add ability to copy a song to another folder -- File | Copy Song New Feature Closed
236 18 Oct 2016 Add option to show a title page for each song within a presentation, with copyright information prominently displayed New Feature Closed
233 18 Oct 2016 Add "Comments" field to Edit Song dialog, under Song Title New Feature Closed
231 18 Oct 2016 Add button to copy "Words Information" to "Music Information" in Edit Song dialog New Feature Closed
144 13 Aug 2009 Create a Song Import function for CCLI song lyrics New Feature Closed
226 2 Mar 2015 Show folder information in bottom-right pane when clicking on a folder node in the tree veiw New Feature Closed
223 5 Mar 2014 Add NIL check for Assign methods to prevent Access Violation Bug Closed
221 5 Mar 2014 Add code to only allow one instance of SlideGen to run at a time - to prevent data issues Modify Feature Closed
220 5 Mar 2014 Add creation of “.bak” files when saving data Modify Feature Closed
214 13 Sep 2012 Access violation error message after creating a new song when no folders exist (solution: force creation of a folder first) Bug Closed
209 27 Oct 2011 When using some picture files in SlideGen Presentation, receive error "Wrong PixelFormat" Bug Closed
208 8 Apr 2011 Modify Report Layout - Song Sheet - Date - not saving setting, returns as default when app is restarted Bug Closed


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