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Bug Notification

How to Notify Us of a Bug in one of Our Products

There two ways of telling us about a bug.  They are listed here in order of preference.

METHOD #1 - Automated Error Report when encountering an application error

If, in the course of using the application, you get an error that looks something like the following, then simply click on the "Send Error Report" button and an anonymous email will be automatically sent to us with all of the information that we need to diagnose the problem. 

Note that this will only work if you are connected to the Internet at the time of clicking "Send Error Report".  The size of the email should be approximately 150KB in size - so it should be small enough to comfortably send, even if you are on a dial-up connection.


No personally identifiable information is sent using this method.   You will not receive any response.

Please note that the bug report does contain a screenshot image of the application at the time that it encountered the error, to assist us in diagnosing the problem. Whatever information was showing on the screen at the time of the error will be visible to us, and will be treated by us in the strictest confidence. Information showing from other applications running at the time will NOT be included in this image.

METHOD #2 - Send an email to notifybug@psoft.com.au

You may notify us by sending an email to .  This is the preferred method when the issue is not of a type to give an error dialog like the one above.

>> Create your own email using whatever method you like <<

Please include the following information in the body of your email:

Your email address will NOT be retained or added to any lists.  You will receive ONE response to your email once it has been processed, informing you of the action taken.  If futher information is required to diagnose the problem, this will be requested in the email response.