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Date Logged
Description of Issue
Item Type
Item Status
Found in Version
Fixed in Version
306 20 Feb 2019 Error "Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into type (Boolean)" sometimes when printing Person Cards Bug Closed
299 17 Jan 2019 Review colour scheme for entire app, and add a new Dark Theme Modify Feature Closed
298 17 Jan 2019 Remove menu item "File | Exit and Shutdown Computer" (better to allow user to shutdown computer in normal way) Modify Feature Closed
297 17 Jan 2019 Add clickable URL on Catalogue Tab below grid which shows the OpenLibrary web link - click on this will open the link in the user's default web browser New Feature Closed
296 17 Jan 2019 Change ISBN Lookup to source its data from Modify Feature Closed
291 30 Sep 2018 Receive error message when doing ISBN Lookup - "There was an invalid response from ...". ISBN Lookup has now been changed in version 2 to use instead of Bug Closed
228 18 May 2015 Modify ISBN Lookup to accomodate changes made by to their API Modify Feature Closed
227 19 Apr 2015 Do not allow invalid characters to be entered for Backup file name Bug Closed
225 12 Sep 2014 Error restoring from Backup File -- System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied. Bug Closed
217 27 Feb 2014 Optimise operation of existing UI for Windows 8 touch (grid scrolling and panning, etc.) Modify Feature Closed
216 27 Feb 2014 Error "Cannot open file "C:\ProgramData\Petrie Software\Baslogue\Reports\Person Cards\.rtm". The system cannot find the file specified." when running a Person Card report. Due to missing reports. Need better error message to guide user. Bug Closed
215 27 Feb 2014 Error "List index out of bounds (0)." when trying to import a report Bug Closed
203 8 Jan 2011 When entering a Windows User Name in the User Security dialog (Database Edition only) for a non-Domain, there is a very long refresh time after entering each character Bug Closed
201 14 Dec 2010 Add Cheat Sheet layout option using Code 39 Full ASCII Modify Feature Closed
200 13 Dec 2010 Add dedicated button to Person tab to find person by scanning person's barcode New Feature Closed
199 13 Dec 2010 Add extra Report Layout including Barcode ID for Person Listing report Modify Feature Closed
198 13 Dec 2010 Add custom fields to person tab (include some boolean fields) and ability to set labels in Display Options New Feature Closed
197 8 Nov 2010 Add ability to default information from existing item when entering a new item - by adding a new button called "Copy Item" New Feature Closed
195 8 Oct 2010 Find Item Using Scanner does not work if grid is filtered and item found is not in the filtered set of records - receive "RowIndex out of range" error Bug Closed
194 8 Sep 2010 ISBN Lookup - add ability to lookup the details online when entering a new book by scanning the ISBN barcode New Feature Closed
192 25 Jul 2010 Error: Cannot open file "C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Desktop\Booklist.csv". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. - Need to show more user-friendly message Bug Closed
189 20 Jul 2010 Error at end of running script in Baslogue Administration Wizard when connecting to some versions of MySQL: Error Message: "#22001Data too long for column 'SCRIPT_CONTENTS' at row 1." Bug Closed
182 9 Apr 2010 Scanning of Person's ID Barcode should find by Barcode ID not by Person ID (bug in Catalague Item Dialog, found by Automated Send Error report) Bug Closed
179 7 Dec 2009 Error when starting Standalone Edition - "ERegistryException: Failed to create key History". Happens if Windows User does not have sufficient permissions to write to the Windows Registry. (Bug report received via automated "Send Error Report") Bug Closed
167 2 Nov 2009 Add new User Security dialog for Database Edition to manage user restrictions using Windows Authentication New Feature Closed
166 2 Nov 2009 Change Backup and Restore in Standalone Edition to use new file format that is shared with the Database Edition Modify Feature Closed
165 2 Nov 2009 Add capability for user to edit Barcode ID for a person New Feature Closed
131 29 Jul 2009 Create "Database Edition" and label existing edition as "Standalone Edition" New Feature Closed
140 4 Aug 2009 Allow the user to hide some catalogue item fields, and re-label them New Feature Closed
136 4 Aug 2009 Remember the last Due Date used relative to today's date Modify Feature Closed
133 29 Jul 2009 Add new catalogue item fields - Quantity and Amount New Feature Closed
132 29 Jul 2009 Add ability to choose title for "People" - e.g. Member, Employee, Student, etc... New Feature Closed


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