Static Website Development

Hand coding a website from scratch is a dying art these days.  But there is still a need for this - especially if you want your website to fully comply with all HTML and CSS standards, be coded as simply as possible, and present the cleanest possible code to every browser and device out there.  Doing this almost guarantees that your website will work on every device and browser, without having to test extensively on each platform.

Petrie Software creates clean and simple websites - like the website that you are viewing now!  It is simple, composed entirely of "static HTML pages", using CSS, with minimal JavaScript code, and no Flash or other embedded objects.  By creating such a simple website the following goals are achieved:

The websites that Petrie Sofware creates are compliant with Internet Standards.  All websites comply with the most widely recommended standards as set down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for creating web pages.  While not the latest official standard, Petrie Software usually uses and recommends HTML 4.01 Strict - to ensure the widest compatibility with all devices.  Compliance to this standard gives web pages the best chance of being indexed thorougly by search engines, and ensures maximum compatibility with the various web browsers in use, including older versions.  Many sites are telling you today that they no longer support Internet Explorer, or very soon will not - but why say this if you don't have to?  Even older versions of Internet Explorer are supported when using a simple standards compliant static website. 

Petrie Software can also develop static websites to the latest HTML 5 standard, and also include Javascript for form processing and other purposes, as required.


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