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BWH Explorer

a research tool for exploring Bible
chronologies in greater depth

in association with BibleWorldHistory.com


BWH Explorer is a software product allowing you to explore Bible chronologies in greater depth.  For more details about the product, please refer to the product overview page on the Bible World History website - Product Overview.

System Requirements

This product will work on any version of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP and up, including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (but not Windows RT).

Download Latest Version

The latest version of BWH Explorer can be downloaded via the following link.

This is a self-contained installation.  There are no pre-requisites required.  Simply download the following setup executable to your local harddrive, launch it, and then follow the prompts as appropriate.

>>> Download - BWH Explorer Setup v1.0.3.0.exe  (3.35 MB) <<<
This software is free - download and install now!


Version included a new "Export to Excel" button on the bottom-right corner of the "Data View" tabs.  Clicking this button will export the data to Microsoft Excel.

Version removes commercial licensing - the software can now be used for free by all users.


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